Coaching Membership

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Coaching Level Benefits Include:

 All the benefits of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond membership levels for 12 months
 The Company's Seminars (those available to public and those that are not)
 Proprietary Tools & Systems
 Home Study Courses
 Marko's Very Own Testimonials and Websites
 Group Coaching Sessions
 Personal One-On-One Coaching
 Yearly Coaching Closed-Door Meetings
 And a lot more than we can list here…

Two Main Coaching Programs are:
 VIP Coaching
 Inner-Circle Coaching

These one of a kind programs are available by application only! Our personal commitment makes these programs very limited. Therefore, the candidates we choose to work with are carefully selected. Only those who need (not "want") a better life and only those who are decisive and ready for massive commitment will be considered. If that's you, call 1-800-600-7997 to inquire about availability, or to be placed on our waiting list.

Do you need coaching?

Like you, I recognize that to continue to be successful I need to constantly sharpen my skills and associate myself with like-minded people. This has led me to invest more and more money in my education through books, tapes, seminars, mastermind groups and personal mentors. And each and every year it's by far the biggest "payoff" investment I make. In fact, so far in my investing career, I have invested over quarter of a million ($250,000+) in my education! It made me many millions over and over! The ROI is there.

Surprisingly, I'm not the only one.

I've never seen a superstar in any profession who wasn't relentlessly molded by a coach for most of his career. For example…

Michael Jordan was "cut" by his high-school basketball team before his coach stepped forward and personally mentored him to become the greatest basketball player of all time.

Tiger Wood was not only the youngest winner of the Masters, he set the record for the lowest score. With all his skill and talent, he credits his success to his coach – in fact his many coaches. He still uses a coach to this very day.

And recently, even one of golf's greatest legends, Arnold Palmer, who admittedly never used a coach, is now doing so – his comeback on the senior tour during the past year has been incredible, due in part to having and using a coach.

No one ever won an Olympic gold, silver or bronze medal without a coach. Actors like John Travolta, Jim Carey and Julia Roberts all have coaches. And according to Forbes magazine, more and more of the nation's top entrepreneurs, business owners and investors, just like you, are using coaches to help achieve new levels of success.

What do they know about coaches you may not yet be aware of?

Regardless Of the Skills and Talents You Bring To Any Profession, Achieving Success All Alone Is a Grinding, Sometimes Hopeless, Uphill Battle

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stressed-out with the seemingly impossible task? Have you ever felt lost and didn't know where to start after attending a seminar? Have you ever experienced the fear of making a mistake (legal or financial) that stopped you from building this business, the one that should support your ideal lifestyle? If so, then you'll want to call one of our business advisors and talk to them. Ask them if there's any availability to work with me and my team.

If YOU have the desire and determination, WE have the expertise and the systems!

Call 1-800-600-7997 to get on our waiting list and let's make it happen!

I'm looking forward to helping you make the next 12 months your BEST months ever. I'm sure you are as well.

To your future Success,

Marko Rubel